Headshots equivalent for MetaHumans

I am assuming there will be a headshots equivalent available for Metahumans at some point ?

Being able to simply drag and drop a custom face onto the character is obviously a top priority

I can do it via photoshop and the downloaded assets, but cmon… it’s a two step procedure now that Ive seen character creator


I’d go a step further, what would be cool if you could import few pictures of a person, so one from the front, then from the sides etc. and then MetaHuman would try and make the shape of the head and face correct


there are a few techpapers showing that people are working on such tech (the 2 minute papers youtube channel shows them off every now and then). but that does not automatically mean that such reaches unreal. such things can be patented, licensed or kept for the inventors themselves.

Here’s a person doing the process manually in metahuman creator.

I’m almost doing the same thing here, but using Ghost it as my monitor overlay to shape the metahuman face underneath

then I edit my diffuse map using zbrush and photoshop and load the image into unreal.

but can we change face textures from within metahumans ?