Headshot Damage with Projectile Firing

Hello i have a problem…

Can i have headshot damage with projectile firing? i need to double the damage from gun

If yes, how can i do this?


On hit event -> Break hit results -> Get Hit Bone Name -> Switch on Name -> calc damage based on bone hit.

For flat based damage use a multiplier… float. So base damage * multiplier

For example say the weapon has a base damage of 27 per hit. headshot would be 27 * 2

Only place bones in the switch that would modified by a non 0 multiplier.

For example if you get shot in the chest and it will only ever be the base damage value, then dont list chest in the switch. Let the default pin handle it.

If you want limbs (legs/arms) to do less than base have their multipliers set to less than 1.0 … e.g. 0.5 would be 27 / 2 … 13.5

In my project I’ve setup physical materials for each collision shape on the mesh. head, neck, chest, leg, arm, hand. I then use the physical material hit to determine damage. This reduces the total number of pins in the switch as well.

Thank you very much my friend… I appreciate… Thank you