Headshot and Kill Streaks

Hello everyone,

This may be an older topic but I have dug through countless pages looking for a post discussing this and couldn’t find one. This would be useful for quite a few people if we could get some direction on how to achieve these in blueprints:

  1. Headshot - From what I understand is adding a collision capsule to the head bone but thats about it from what I’ve seen, no discussion on how to implement it. Main key is how to tell it do more damage then an arm or chest shot.

  2. Killstreaks - How to tell when enemy that I am shooting is dead and show that I am the one that killed him and adding a +1 to my kill count and displaying a Hud widget at 5 kills,10 kills etc.

If anyone could help that would be awesome!

To your headshot question: You already know that if that specific capsule is hit, it’s a headshot. So it’s an instant kill. Whatever makes your health go down in your game would just have to be put to 0. I’m not sure where the difficulty lies with this specific issue. You have various events like overlapping to figure out if something hit you. If your bullet would have to have had an owner associated with it. So if it did, then that would helps solving your second issue.

You can specify the Instigator when the “bullet” is Spawned showing exactly what spawned the bullet.

Thanks for the reply guys. Anyone familiar with this book and can verify its credibility?

For the killstreaks question all you need is to have is a variable called “current killstreak” which would be an int. Every time you get a kill it would increase the variable by 1. On dying/respawning the variable would then be reset. You want to also have a “number of kills” variable that would be separate from your current killstreak but would track the total amount of kills and wouldn’t reset on death.

Not enough sample pages to see, but it looks like a fairly decent book judging by the topics on the Index pages. It appears to have just been released, so it should at least be somewhat up-to-date.

Have you tried Kitatus and his books first? I would recommend at least looking at one of those free books before paying for a book.

I will have a look at kitatus’s books. Im guessing this is his website?

Yes it is.