Heads up on updating to Windows 10 1903 - engine crashes

I noticed that upgrading Windows 10 from 1809 to 1903 is crashing the engine release 4.17 when hovering mouse cursor on some menus or right clicking at the Content Browser. Restoring Windows back to 1809, same project opens and does not crash anymore. The only release I tested besides 4.17 was 4.22 and the crash didn’t happen, so maybe the bug is not there anymore or can’t be reproduced the same way as in 4.17.

Keep an eye on this before deciding to do the upgrade.

A clean Windows 10 install is always better and anyway I wouldn’t update until some months passed and the cumulative monthly updates had many hot fixes included.
But maybe the bug you experienced was due to either GPU drivers or other drivers no more fully compatible with 1903 and so needing an update ?
Also always ensure to disable all the Microsoft spying on users stuff using either DoNotSpy10 or ShutUp10 or other 3rd party utils like those.

Using on both the same driver from Nvidia and was the latest released.