Headlook - Blendspace or Aim Offset?

Hi people,

I’m wanting to control a character in 3rd-person with two thumbsticks (xbox controller). I’ve already set it up to Idle_Walk_Run with a 1D Blend; it can jump correctly (in-loop-out); and I’ve also added a simple head-shake using a montage and Anim Slot, triggered by a button.

The left thumbstick controls the movement and the right thumbstick controls the camera. However, I want the right thumbstick to control the direction of the head; so, if I push left… it looks left, push up and it looks up, for instance. I’ve created the necessary single-frame animations for up, down, left, right, etc.

I’m unsure how to tackle it. Should I be looking at Aim Offsets and using a couple of variables to control the direction of the head & neck, based on the thumbstick input (the examples I’ve looked at are just using the camera angle, which is not what I want) or should I use a Blendspace? I’ve started to look at Anim Slots, Montages and Blend By Bone, but it doesn’t seem possible to drag a Blendspace into a Montage. It only allows animations.