Headless Standalone Server pops Viewport

I package our game so i have a MyGame.exe style result and directory.
Then make a shortcut and add command line arguments…

MyGame.exe ?listen -server -log -LANPLAY PORT=7776

It runs and the log port shows, and the logs show it is listening on port 7776 just fine.

The problem is it also pops up a full viewport of the game nad a player is active in it.

How do I force no player and headless?

I see the posts on building a server from scratch, but shouldn’t -server just do this?

The argument listen has you start a client that also acts as a server. I believe you simply have to remove that argument if you want just a dedicated server.

Turns out that it is a case of RTFM.

You really DO have to get the UE4 source, compile it etc.

Hey there, in order to put the game into headless mode, you need to include the arguement -NullRHI along with the

MyGame.exe ?listen -server -log -LANPLAY PORT=7776

This would look like

MyGame.exe ?listen -server -log -NullRHI -LANPLAY PORT=7776

Now, in order to be able to run the game without a player, I believe you may need to override the GameMode and specify there for something like spectator only?

But I don’t believe this is what you’re looking for. I believe that you are looking for something like this guide: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums