Hello I used the Third Person character to create a true FPS Character,
I´ve added a spring arm for a smoother camera view.
I also deactivated the ingame render for the Character, because i don´t need one.
Now my problem is that i really don´t know how to add a simple (not overpowered) HeadBobbing, so it just looks better.

I also have a lil problem with the view, because if I stand right infront of a wall and slowly look up, i´m able to see trough the wall because the camera slowly jumps a little forward.

I hope you can understand everything, and if you want to I can add a Video of it.

Have a good day :smiley:

For head bob you can use a camera shake.

And to prevent camera from clipping through walls go in your Project Settings and search for Near Clip Plane. Lower the value to something like 10 or less and restart the editor.