Head tracking with CAVE using ndisplay does not work

Hi all.

I have set the CAVE environment with ndisplay in UE4.27, but head tracking does not work.
I use UE4.27, ndisplay, ART-DTrack LiveLink.

I want to do the same thing as camera_dynamic in the sample configuration for CAVE in UE4.26 ndisplay. But I don’t know which of the objects in the UE4.27 ndisplay configuration should be associated with the tracker.

  • In-camera VFX camera: The viewport for the camera looks fine, but the screen preview doesn’t change anything.

  • Default viewport: The screen preview is changing, but it’s abnormal. As the Viewport gizmo approaches the screen, the previewed footage of the screen looks like a distant landscape. In this case, it is normal for the projected landscape to appear closer.

I tried to enable the setting of Follow Pown’s camera, but the whole screen moves according to the head track, which is also abnormal.

For example, if you look up from the front screen,
The image of the top surface is projected on the front screen.
There is no screen in my view looking up, only the real ceiling.

Has anyone succeeded in setting CAVE / Powerwall with head tracking enabled on UE4.27’s ndisplay?


Hi malchin_san,
I just started to do same configuration on my powerwall (not a cave but similar configuration).

Working with UE 4.27 with ndisplay and Livelink but all default configurations seems not completely working.
I have ART Dtrack for head tracking and using the Dtrack native plugin in livelink but tried also with VRPN.

I’m wondering if You were able to find some more info.

Hi BrunoMore-san,

Thank you for your reply.
After posting the question, I continued my investigation and found that my perception was wrong.
If I set the axis direction of DTRACK Plugin properly with Live Link Plugin, the appropriate video was output without doing any complicated work.
I was late to notice because I was doing the test with 2D video instead of 3D video.

Thank you,