Head Tracking with a Wiimote + movement using Leap.

Hey everyone,

I want to make a small game demo with head tracking. For the head tracking i want to use a Wiimote attached to screen and infrared sensors attached to the player that will track the movement of the player’s head making the environment look 3D in game. For the players movement i want to use the Leap motion controller. I only need simple movement forward,back,left,right,action key, shoot, possibly jump and crouch.

Is this possible in UDK3 or 4? if yes, can you please give me some more information about it?

Thank you very much!

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There might be some better solutions than that hardware, like Kinect, or if you can wait for it there’s the STEM controllers—which includes wireless motion controllers along with sensors that you can place wherever.

The leap is also capable of tracking: Retroreflective Marker Tracking Script for Unity - Development - Leap Motion (Ultraleap) Community Forums

It just needs a proper UE4 plug-in before I can port the script to UE4 (but you may feel free to do so yourself).

Thanks for the suggestions!

, sorry im pretty new to this. So basically you’ve used 1 Leap controller to track your hand as well as the retro reflective marker? (or did you have to use 2? one for each?)
much easier to not use the wiimote for head tracking. So i could make a game on UE4 with a leap that tracks the player’s face to move the camera and get a 3D perspective, and well the hand motions to play the game?

Thanks for your help.