Head/Camera Movement On while Disabling Input (or not) ?

I’m using some code to make my player sit/attach in a vehicle.
The problem is, when the player sits, and the animation changes, the player can still rotate based on the mouse movement i.e full body rotates.

I don’t want that. So I used “DisableInput” , but it totally freezes the camera and if the Vehicle turns, the camera doesn’t align and I cannot use the mouse to only rotate the head of my character.
How to get around this?

So far I tried this

But it seems to not entirely rotate the camera properly.

In your player blueprint, there is probably a bit of code that orientates the mesh towards the control rotation. You need to find this and disable it when the player is in the car.

I tried that. It didn’t work. Idk what’s wrong in my code.

I don’t know what is wrong with your code either, because I can’t see it.

You could try hiding the body and enabling a separate body, or snapping the rotation of the body every tick.

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