Head and body proportions still look wrong and we need more features like Daz3D etc

I just tried the recent update and while there’s a few more options it still seems very limiting as a proper character creator.

The main issue that still stands out is head and body proportions look awkward. It’s like epic didn’t bother to take anyone’s measurements to get realistic bodies and head proportions from different people. Plus there’s still no way to customise body parts like size, weight, muscles etc. Daz3D has hundreds for everything imaginable. Either they just don’t care or they’re being overly cautious and shying away from letting people customise the body which is just silly if so. So instead we end up with rather oddly proportioned and basic bodies to look at.

The faces I’ve also found to be very limited in what you can create. I’m guessing because they’re actually based on blends of default face types so it’s not possible to really get anything much beyond some mix of what’s on offer. I can’t really see how it can be considered a proper character creator because of that.

Hopefully it improves but it’s been nearly a year and not much has changed from when i first looked.