HDRI Exterior Lighting Equivalent

Hi all,

Coming from a V-Ray background, I’m currently building an exterior scene and was wondering if there’s a HDRI sky tool equivalent in UE4 for lighting purposes to get a scene that resembles an overcast sky?

Something like the video below is what I have in mind but I’m having trouble getting the default sky to look anything like the one in the video. I’ve read a bit about cubemaps but am not sure if they effect the actual lighting of the scene other than being a texture on the sky (do correct me if I’m wrong). Any help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

It’s possible, check out this thread!

you can add hdri images into the slot named “cubemap” in the skylight details panel.

Thanks guys! Adding the hdri doesn’t have quite the same effect it has in v-ray but useful nonetheless.

How are people converting LatLong/spherical panos to cubemaps? Is there an easy tool for doing that while preserving the HDR?