HDRI Black environment

I have add a HDR Into the SLS Specified Cubemap but it doesn’t show up in the back ground and i dont get any lighting or shadows from it.
Can anybody help?


If you want to see/visualize your sky you have to use an (editor)(sky)sphere with the texture!!
I’m sure it has effect already on your scene as it is included in your light build… now your resolution is set to 128 which is just a low res blurry version of the original image! If you want more detailed lighting from your hdri you’ll have to set it’s resulotion higher (1024?)! …maybe you’ll need to have a higher intensity too…

Thats great, thanks for your response

This used to be my tutorial page for it! :wink: I haven’t checked but I guess most things still stand! …at least how to put your HDRI onto the sky to see it! :wink: