HDR Lights Studio Pack

65 HDR high quality images, these images can provide you a high quality lighting rendering and sharp reflection.

You can use this images for:

  • Sky Light, in stationary or movable mode to get a realtime lighting, and also can use the image to capture global illumination in static mode.
  • Excellent to create sharp reflection. You can use a reflection probe and assign this map in a CubeMap mode.
  • Ideal to create presentation of your product or packages.
  • Can be use even in video games in interior scenarios with sharp lights reflections.


10 HDR images with one light.
15 HDR images with two lights.
10 HDR images with three lights.
5 HDR images with four lights.
10 HDR images with multiple or miscelanius lights.
15 HDR images with colors lights.

Marketplace Link:

Video Link:

In this link can see an example of each HDR texture in the pack.