HDD space issue

Hi all. I’ve been playing about with Unreal for a couple of weeks but have found a slight problem when you are low on HDD space. I try a build and it fails, due to low hdd space. Fine, but so far I have not figured out where the build files are and so cannot delete them! Hence I am currently at about 2 gig free :frowning: How on earth can I recover the space? The directory I saved the build in is practically empty! I’ve already uninstalled virtually all I can, but this is the second fail on the same project and both times it seems to have devoured my HDD space.

Any tips, ideas? Apart from removing Unreal or the project (which I don’t want to do quite yet) I am at a loss.

Found the data tucked away in StagedBuilds. 8 gig back :slight_smile: Just in case anyone else has the same issue and aren’t sure where it is when they find the temp folder practically empty.