HDA placed on the level is not displayed during play

When I placed the HDA on the level,
The mesh appeared fine in the editor, but
The mesh was not displayed during play (Play In Editor).

When the same HDA was placed on the level in UE4, the mesh could be displayed during play (Play In Editor).

The instance static mesh created by pressing the “Bake” button in the HDA details window
It was also displayed during play (Play In Editor).
However, creating an instance static mesh with the “Bake” button every time like this
I’m wondering if it’s the right way to do it.

Also, the “Bake” button creates an instance static mesh,
Another problem is that static meshes that are not instances are not created.

I would like to ask you the following.
① Is HDA not displayed during play (Play In Editor)? Is there a way to display it?
② When using the bake function, how to use a static mesh that is not an instance
Is it possible to display it during play (Play In Editor)?

Thank you.