HDA Keep World Transform Disabled

Ok, people i really hit the wall with my head and i was unable to find anywhere any hint about the problem im facing here… It might sound stupid and simple but since this is my 1st hda tool i guess im doing something wrong…

So, i made a very simple tool that uses UE mesh as an input. BUT, no matter what i do in houdini and no matter how im make the hda, inside UE Keep World Transform is always locked for Geo’s? And of course i cant use the mesh transforms (and i need it them) with my hda tool

Please help me out, i wasnt sure should i ask here or on sidefx forum, if anyone could post a simple hda example or tell me what im doing wrong would be great, or even better share some nice tutorial how to prepare the hda for UE, since my hda tool works fine in unity, (World transforms are not disabled)!