Hawken inspired finals (Student)

Hi guys, I’m a Belgian student and currently going through my second year, and for my finals I am working on a game made in Blueprints.
As the final is focused on the use and knowledge of blueprints the art on this is just minor/placeholder.

Im currently taking screenshots of every blueprint I have and pasting them together in Photoshop, so currently only have some screenshots from the game itself.
I learned so much while working on this, mostly from other projects and tutorials, really like to work with those Blueprints.

So I’m going to leave you all with some screenshots for now, and gonna post every blueprint I made.

== Video showing the game ==

The game currently has 3 waves wich all spawn the same types of enemy, each wave spawns more enemies.
The enemies patrol the entire level and can spot you if nothing stand in there view cone, also don’t try to sneak behind them, as they can hear you.
They drop coins and sometimes ammo for your 4 types of guns, and at the end of each wave you get time to upgrade your weapons stock up on ammo and health if you need to.

== Ingame screenshots ==

== In editor ==

Thanks for watching guys!

Them BluePrints

Gonna add all of them blueprints in this little post right here from now on, here is the first one for the main character.

== main character blueprint ==

This is the main character blueprint, this is the biggest blueprint I got in there, it interacts with almost everything in the world, but everything is pretty basic stuff.

You can download them all and see what “code” I used where and such thingies.

Feel free to comment en point out some flaws if you see them!
Im sure there are lots of ways this could improve.