Having UMG load a menu screen, then load a HUD, having issues

So, I built a basic opening Menu screen with a new game button. The main menu uses UMG to load the menu on screen. My actual game has a HUD that uses UMG as well. After clicking ‘New Game’ from the main menu, the in game HUD completely disappears, as does my third person controller. What do I need to do?

Problem shot - when I load game from main menu screen, I lose HUD and third person controller:

This is how the HUD should look with player controller loaded:

Main Menu GUI

Main Menu Blueprint UMG load and On Button Press Blueprints:

In Game HUD loading Blueprint:

Setting in Game HUD to load on TPCharacter Blueprint:

Once again, how the game should look when the game starts, but it doesn’t do this if I click on new game button from main menu blueprint:

I guess my question is, is it possible to have UMG create a menu screen like I did, and then when I load the actual game, have the UI that was there from the Main Menu not overlap or override what is suppose to be there once I load the actual game? There is no third person controller that spawns, and my HUD has disappeared. Do I need to create an opening Menu not using UMG. Thank you for your time.

Does anyone at least know if I can load a UMG panel in one level, and then when I load the next level, can I use a different UMG panel without the it conflicting with the previous one? Any help would be appreciated, I have a project due Friday, and the whole thing is being hung up on this. If I can create a menu screen that explains the game, but also I’ll want to create a round system for my foot race game which I also planned on using UMG for. I’m just not sure if I’m aloud to do that, and if I am allowed, how to do it. Thank you for your time.

Are you sure your ThirdPersonController is used by the game mode in the level you’re loading into?

You should use a separate level for main menu, don’t use the same player controller there, make it some special one that doesn’t do normal game stuff.
Make sure your TPC is used as the default controller in your game’s game mode.

I do have a separate level set up for my main menu UI. The main menu UI uses UMG to paint a canvas on the screen with a new game button. When you hit the play action, the canvas with new game button is properly displayed on the viewport. When you click on the new game button which triggers an open level command via blueprint, it loads my game level. The problem is it doesn’t load a third person character controller, and it doesn’t load my HUD.

On my separate main menu level, there is no third person controller, nor was a third person template used. I just selected new level from menu bar, and selected a blank level. Again, in my research, I wasn’t able to find out if there is a conflict between loading one UMG in a separate main menu level, and then again, another UMG HUD in the next level. Does anyone have an answer to this? Do I need to destroy the first UMG with some command I can’t find? I’m not talking about removing parent either. I’ve already used the remove parent command to get rid of the new game button from overlaying the game level itself.