Having troubles implementing the MakeAttenuationSettings and AdjustAttenuation nodes.

Hello, I’m hoping someone can help me with an issue I’m running into regarding the ‘Adjust Attenuation’ node in BluePrints.
For an open-world project, we have some blueprints in the world that encapsulate ‘biomes’ such as a forest or grasslands.
In these biomes, We spawn different sound cues at actors like trees consisting of sounds like crickets and birds etc, this all works wonderfully.
Nevertheless, I wanted to add some non-spatialized background loops to fill in the soundscape a bit. My first thought was to have the blueprint create an attenuation setting structure for these loops that consists of the bounding box size of these ‘biome’ boxes, as these are already set up by the level designers.
However, I cannot get the ‘adjust attenuation’ node to adjust the attenuation settings after the sound has been spawned into the level. The sound will stick to the sound attenuation option set in the SpawnSoundAtLocation node. If I leave this entry empty, the sound will just behave as if it didn’t have any attenuation settings assigned to it. You can see my simple implementation of the AdjustAttenuation node in the attached picture. Is this not the correct way to use the AdjustAttenuation node? Should I perform another step that I’m currently missing? Any suggestions or pointers towards documentation would be greatly appreciated!