Having trouble with this texture

Hello all,

I’m new to creating in Unreal and I am using the Top Down Blueprint. I applied a cobblestone texture to the floor just to get started and it stretches out across the floor but is way too big against the character.


Is there anyway to fix this?

Добрый день! Возможна вы не изменили соотношение, или разрешение текстуры.

It stretches out because it’s fitting to the ground. Are you using custom terrain or the default floor that is placed there for you?

Just open the material and add a texture coordinate node -> now scale it up or down (with the values in the node). Otherwise go back to your 3d program and change the uv map :slight_smile:

I’m trying to do the same thing with a door but my problem is that the door needs to be stretched on the y axis to fit the door