Having trouble with the host not being able to do stuff

For example, the host can not place a tower (client can), when client places tower - host can not see the new tower, (the minimap and client can see the new tower). Host can not open chat (client can).

I would have thought the host would have more permissions than the client, not less ?

What is going on ?

please anyone ?

Wasnt sure if you wanted to look at something specific.

so lets take my chat for example, client can chat, server can see it and type but the server’s message will not send to the game chat.

this is my heads up display where the user enters to the message:


then here is my player controller:


then here is the gamestate:


Nobody helps you because we really don’t have enough information and are generally tired to ask for stuff people should provide without being asked.

I know what you did wrong: Your replication/RPC stuff is wrong. The client should always informa the server about stuff it wants to do and the server does it. You might have messed up the RPC settings on your events.

But that does not help you, does it? You need to provide more (eg blueprint screenshots).

And check this chart

Did you try debugging it ? To see where it stops on the server ?

lol hey rxp :slight_smile: the cast to fails for server but works for client


That’s normally not possible inside of a widget, because a widget should only exist on the clients. You have no Server version of this.

Calling “GetPlayerController0” will always get the Client Controller (and a Server also has a client Controller). You may want to check if it is really failing, because for now, you only triggered the break point. Put the breakpoint on the “OnNewMessage” or put a print string behind “Cast Fails” to check if it really fails.

Oh I didnt know servers wernt allowed to use widget codes, thanks! But then how do I go about making the server use the same things o_O
Would get owning controller fix that ?
I did, i put a print text at cast failed and it did fail.