Having trouble with SignalR, WebSockets, Networking.

Hello All,

 I have a bit of a complicated problem I need to solve, im going to try to give you guys as much info as I can without breaking any of my NDA's so here we go......

 I am working on a project which will need to connect to a server to receive a list of rules commands etc and also send messages as well. As of right now we are not going to use Unreals Client server model. **Right now I have been tasked with implementeing Windows SignalR ( ). I have come to find out over the past few days that I cant just add a library to a base UE4 project. Is it possible to create a plugin or even add this library to the engine source so that I can implement it? Now i have seen reports that doing something like that will possible break cross platform functionality, is this true?** I feel like a better question is to ask if we are going about this the wrong way all together? I have also looked into to possible writing a "relay" which will talk to the SignalR Server as a Client and i will create something in Unreal to talk to the client. Overall I am not familiar with UE4 networking to networking in general whats worse is the people Im working with havent the slighest idea what Unity or Unreal are at all. Letting in over my head any help would be appreciated.