Having trouble with my arch vis scene please help

This seems to work totally fine when I press play, but if I launch and it cooks the program then I am getting some weird artefacts coming out what appears to be the 0,0,0 position.

This project is set up on 6 separate maps, 4 houses, a courtyard and the surrounding area. I am using the landscaping tool on most of the landscaped areas, it looks like a bush. This only seemed to happen on 4.12?

Can someone please give me some assistance on this. I have been trying to fix it for days. Please help this is this is the last thing I need to sort before I can do my final light build


My suggestion would be to delete everything that uses that texture, and cook.
If the issue is still there, something else weird is going on.
If the issue is gone, replace the bushes and try cooking again.

I had to do that :frowning:

It was a lot of landscaping that had to be done, but it seems to be fixed now