Having trouble with lighting at night

For some reason at night there seems to be some weird gamma turn up or something, It’s very strange… tried changing a few settings which done nothing. But when it’s night time it’s no where near dark.

Quite new to Unreal

Look under lighting and remove all lights, then add lights just as you need them at night (like one sky light for a start and make that pretty weak.)

is that Kleiner Baer’s complex day/night your’e using? if so you need to make sure the light is turned down to 0 by the time night falls, don’t delete the light, that will mess the whole BP up. i can’t remember if he goes through that or if its one of the fix’s that someone else posted, i built mine around 2 years ago and have added so much to it like weather cycles with random forecasts / different lighting for every day of the year. its a pretty solid blueprint.

Edit: whats happening, just fyi, is the light is showing through the landscape when its rotated up.

Edit two:

Probs not the best idea to tell someone to delete things to fix them.