Having trouble with custom style widget button.

Hey everyone so I am trying to create a main menu UI with my own custom buttons that I have created in photoshop and when I put all the buttons in using the style feature they have what seems to be a green collider box that ends up being huge and bigger than the button itself. I was wondering how I would go about scaling it down to fit the button or if I am doing something wrong with setting it up in photoshop for UE4. I am pretty new to the UI system so any help is appreciated :).

Thanks in advance!

Under the Draw As, try changing it from Box to Image. =)

Just tried it and it is doing the same thing. The only change was it made the image size of the button smaller. :confused:

Have you tried the “Size To Content” checkbox?

Also can you show me a picture of your texture file in the editor, I want to make sure you don’t have padding around your image from the import.

Size to Content didn’t work either again it just made it smaller. There is some padding around my image form import but I also did an import with no padding around the image and it still came out funky, but then I hit the Size To Content checkbox and all is good now :smiley: Thank you so much for the help I’ll post pics for others in the future with my same problem :slight_smile: