Having trouble updating quixel Bridge for UE5

When I open up Bridge in the content tab in UE5 it says im offline and “An update to the Bridge plugin is available. If you’re working from Source or Perforce stream, update your fork of the Bridge plugin source code to get the latest update.”

I click on that which takes me to my library and theres not a way to update Bridge. Just “Install to Engine” which it already is.

How can I update it?


Hi @BurrPeeman,
You need to load UE5EA BINARY from Epic Marketplace.
This contains Quixel Bridge Plugin. 2021.0.4 in its normal source code for Engine\Plugins\Bridge in the BINARY.

Delete the plugin source code in your GitHub UE50\Engine\Plugins\Bridge

Copy the directory Engine\Plugins\Bridge from the BINARY into the source directory UE50\Engine\Plugins\Bridge.

Start Visual Studio and use the UE5 solution Build the new code. Start without debugging.

Open plugins filter to “Bridge” plugin.
In the top right should display 2021.0.4 the old one is 0.3

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Thanks for helping, but what is ue5ea binary?

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Hi @BurrPeeman,
This is the standard Epic built binary from Epic Launcher.
Unreal Engine 5 Early Access & Product Details - Unreal Engine
Scroll to the bottom of the page.
The left-hand panel at the bottom “Try UE5 Early Access today”
Click on the Open to take you to the Epic Launcher.

Click “Download now” needs about 37GB which can be saved on D: drive
Then look in D:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.0EA\Engine\Plugin\Bridge for the new version.
The zipped source code is very old and does NOT contain the Quixel Bridge updates.

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So, there is no way to upgrade the Bridge without the launcher? The launcher doesn’t really work that well under Linux. What a bummer.

hi @4ufstand,
The source code for Linux Bridge Plugin is at
UnrealEngine/Engine/Plugins/Bridge at 5.0
download the latest version above from Github copy delete the original code under Linux copy in the code from the newly cloned repository.

Then go into UE Editor create a blank project Setting → Plugins.
Type “bridge” in the click the package build of the plugin on the bottom when complete Enable the plugin and restart the editor
Look on the Import section and Bridge is now available

I’m running from github and visual studio everything I see. GBs of files load and then it probably won’t work. It feels like programmers have a grudge against artists. :frowning: I feel so sorry. I will waiting one click normal update. I hope comes.


I always have both versions installed the Launcher and the Source UE version.
Update Bridge through the Launcher. Then copy the Bridge directory to the Source plugin directory. If need, build UE5. This works.