Having Trouble unwrapping doorframe

Hey I’ve messed with unrel quite a lot but now im trying to make my own models in blender but Im having trouble learning unwrapping.
Im currently tryiing to unwrap a doorframe in my doorway but for the life of me i just cant manage to unwrap it… Im not using cube projection im trying to do it correctly by marking the seams but im baffled by it… a modular wall was easy to unwrap same as my doorway but the frame is annoying…

Could some kind soul please take a look and possibly do it for me and record a short video showing how it was done so i could learn from it please?

Image of Doorframe:

Blender Files:
Modular.blend (7.0 MB) Modular.blend1 (7.0 MB)

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You need to unwrap each part separately:

PS: That’s not a good unwrap, gimme 5… actually, it’s probably ok.

I found a video on UV unwrapping. I hope it’s helpful: