Having trouble triggering jump animation


Love the 15 free mixamo models available for Unreal 4, especially the sci-fi ones.

However I am having trouble triggering the jump animation when I use the skeleton and animation blueprint for a different pawn (I am not using the Mixamo_Vanguard pawn but I am using its skeleton and animation blueprint for a different pawn)

What I get is the Vanguard model running through the air instead of the jump animation. Switching to the Mixamo_Vanguard pawn allows the jumping, but I just need the skeleton and animations.

Here’s the default anim graph, EnableJump is a variable ,

Event graph that doesn’t seem to trigger the jumping (my amateur diagnosis)

I don’t know if the casting is right in this portion to cast back to my custom pawn, can’t seem to find the node:

The running-in-mid-air instead of jumping action:

Sorry for any confusion, thanks in advance.

I have tried following the Custom Character Unreal 4 youtube tutorial but these models do not have the appropriate animations for falling and landing.

I am using 4.4.3