Having trouble setting up a 3D fighting game camera. (similar to Fight Night and UFC.)

Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to setup a camera system for which that contains two characters on screen, and follows all of their movements in 3D rotation.


I just need the camera system and how to get two players on screen. if anyone could take the time and make a step by step ground zero tutorial, or make video tutorial on this and post a link that would help immensely.

Here’s a little diagram of how I believe this camera is working. Basically you have an imaginary line between your two fighters. The camera stays pointing at the midpoint of that line, and offset from it at 90 degrees. You can scale the “camera distance” with the distance between the players so they both stay in view. Probably add a little interp to for smoothness and you’re good to go.

That not should be so hard to do. I musted do something like it.

First at all you must check where should be your cam. In order to do that you must check player 1 Location and player 2 Location.

When you have it do this operation:

(Location X Player 1 + Location X Player 2) / number of players = Average Location X

Same for Y and you will have your cam always between them (just update camera location in every tick in your cam event graph).

After this we should try set new rotation, but I guess you will find the way to do it, if not post again :slight_smile:

Edit: oh, I forgot something more. In order to keep your players always in screen, you must update too the camera “spring arm” lenght (I guess it was how it called). For this get “Vector lenght” of the current cam location and set “spring arm” lenght with this value.

thank you guys, i’ll relay back when I have progress. I’m still checking out the basics on blueprints. I think I also need to cover all the basics on that too.

Reporting back, I think I may need a video tutorial on this from scratch. :frowning: this is what I currently have,

I still have no clue on how to get the camera to move around and focus on two players. some sort of lock-on system may get me the results I need. I’m looking to create a free roaming arena type fighting game, there also needs to be enough lag in the camera for characters to move around in the level and switch places.