Having trouble installing on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)

Hi everyone, sorry in advance for possibly a stupid question, or posting in the wrong place/any other general newbie failure of forum etiquette.

I’ve recently been trying out Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS aka Baby’s first Linux Distro) to see if I can move away from Windows. Anyway, I’m trying to install Unreal Engine 4 but I’m having some trouble and it’s late and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. It doesn’t help that I’m also relatively new to Linux!

I’ve downloaded the source from github, and I believe I’ve installed all of the correct dependencies, and I was able to run Setup.sh successfully. But now I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to run GenerateProjectFiles.sh but when I do that, I get an error saying “0%ERROR: Couldn’t find module rules file for module ‘SDL2’.”

I’ve tried installing SDL2, which I’m pretty sure I’ve done successfully, but still to no avail. I’m just a bit stuck and at a loss for how to proceed from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m trying to install as well. Does the marketplace work in Linux?

Strange… I, just a few days ago, managed to get it running on Ubuntu 16.04 without any issues.
Did you ensure you installed the dependencies here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

When I tried first time around, the setup.sh failed and I thought to myself why not just try do that step even though it says it’s not the supported method since 4.9. Did that and it worked afterwards. I believe one of the listed dependencies did not install on 16.04 when I did it, but I was still able to build with no issue by just skipping that one and installing the remainder of them. (cant remember what it was or if it was important)

Check those and run setup.sh again, it should say successful or something like that at the end? You definitely cannot progress unless it does.

As for the Marketplace, sure. The launcher doesn’t work but you can access all the content from the website (see marketplace link in top banner)

For me, I’ve gone back to windows which sucks but I’m starting to hit that age and just too busy to spend half my time trying to get little things working properly. I try linux every year or 2 and it’s come a very long way and so very close to being my only OS, but there is still that barrier for people like me, I just want to be productive these days, not spend time tweaking or getting things to work just right.

you can access the marketplace through your browser, but you can’t download anything without the launcher… and there is no official launcher for linux. So for now you can’t get anything from the marketplace for your Linux PC without Microsoft’s help.

Oh… You’re right. That is no good. I just saw the big “Download” button on content I had purchased and assumed that the download button would actually DOWNLOAD… Instead it just redirects you to your profile page. I am guessing that must be a website bug.

Ah. My Bad. I am using UE4 compiled from source and have not got around to re-installing the launcher.