Having trouble importing simple aniamted mesh into Unreal.

I created this animated turtle using Blender, from a photogrammetry scan. Although it’s able to to display the animated mesh correctly on Sketchfab, I’m unable to bring the animation into Unreal (currently attempting FBX). A few experienced Unreal artists have also attempted and been unsuccessful.

My experience with Unreal is limited… though hoping this experience will open up doors (my confidence) with Unreal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The animated 3D asset can be downloaded from here:

  • Jer

Looks like a turtle only smaller :slight_smile: 100x smaller , somewhere somehow the animation is scaling the poor guy down by about 100,
dirty option, export and import with normal settings, 1 scale etc, then for turtle in world scale by 100, he is huge. apply the animation… he is about right size and happily swimming. (play level he swims etc).

Not sure why, but the issue is within blender, maybe applying of scales in wrong order, the mesh is scaled at 0.0026, then the armature is scaled at 5.0 these should be sorted before animating, there could also be scaling in the key-frames, but if it’s not a biggy the above dirty fix does work.

[USER=“4519”]Basement Bob[/USER] . First, thank you for taking a look. You got it working in Unreal? Excellent! The scale is wacky. Oh boy. I can see how that might have creeped in. Will take a look tonight and share an update in the next few days (once partner has validate).

Thanks again!

P.S. Won’t know for another 10 years whether or not it’s a he or she (it’s based on the tale size)… :wink:

I used Alembic format instead of FBX for an animated mesh in my last project and it worked perfectly. Not sure if it work with a skeleton tho, but it’s good to try.

A quick check after importing, if the mesh looks ok in mesh or skeleton windows but disappears in the animation window, set the option to view bone names, or all bones… you will see the words and or lines wiggling around, with the turtle when you change the re-targeting from animation to skeleton(and recursive to all lower bones) only the root bone changes size, this is weird and indicates issue is within the animation setup within blender, something influencing bone scaling… but as I said, it is importing fine, just end up with a turtle that shrinks when animations are applied, so just scaling the mesh up by 100 does work.

Does it need to be correct, or does it need to be good enough? Don’t spend time on something the player will never know about :slight_smile: