Having trouble implimenting a jump animation to endless runner

I have created an endless runner game by following [THIS][1] tutorial.

I am now trying to modify it to make it my own but have run into a bit of trouble.

Using the Mixamo character Adam I managed to change my player sprite and give him the run animation.
I tried to add the jumping animation as currently it would just keep using the run animation while jumping, but it doesn’t work as intended and I don’t know how to fix it.

The trouble I have is the jump animation only plays while holding the key, the snaps back to run if I release the jump, Also if I don’t let go of the jump it just loops the jump animation and lastly if the animation end before the jump is over how do I add in a fall animation until player reaches the ground then starts running again?

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Check out the animation blueprint to see how they implemented state machines. Here is a link to state machine logic:
State Machines

The animation blueprint that comes with the template already has all of this mapped out which should speed up your customization process. If you’re using your own custom skeleton (Mixamo characters use custom skeletons as of this post, but you may want to check with the developer to verify), you’ll need to re-assign your own animations for each state.

I haven’t heard of State Machines before, I’ll have a read over that and give it a go, also I’ve set the default skeleton to the Mixamo Adam but I’ll look out for setting it per state.

Thanks for the help.