Having trouble getting Unreal Engine installed on my Mac

As stated above I am having trouble getting the engine to install. I have the Launcher and Unreal Tournament installed and they are running fine but on the Unreal Engine tab it says not installed and it is not giving me an option to install it. I will attach a screen shot of what I am seeing. I am sure there is an easy fix to this I just need a little guidance.

Hello Orsinium,

Have you already looked under ‘Library’ > ‘+ Add Versions’ > select the drop-down arrow and choose 4.7.1 to install? If not, please try that. If you’re not able to go into the ‘Library’ section for any reason, or you encounter any errors, please reply back to this thread and I’ll assist you further.


Same problem. i try reinstall but not works :frowning:

Hey thanks for your answer. The library windows wasn’t showing anything before so I reinstalled the launcher and now I am downloading UE4 thanks for your help!

You’re very welcome. If you run into any other installation complications, please reply here and I’ll help you further.

Thanks. :slight_smile: