Having trouble getting smooth movement of an actor with event tick

I am trying to do a very simple thing. I have tiles that go from the top of the screen to the bottom. I am using an event tick that moves the tile by 1 every tick.
I have zero frame rate problems so I don’t know how the tick would be affected. My scene is literally a plain background with zero lighting, no effects, no nothing. However, I am getting this strange jitter that just seems to get worse no matter which way I approach moving the tile. If I use the delta seconds it makes it worse. What is the best course of action to move an actor from point A to point B smoothly? This would also have to be able to be manipulated because I need to change the rate at which the tiles move.

Vinterp To is what you are looking for and set actor location, probably with a gate using Event Tick. It has a Delta Seconds input and a speed variable as well

I used that and I am still getting jitter, its not smooth at all.