Having trouble getting enemy character stats on a widget.

In my game currently, I have an enemy running around in my level. If you click on him, a character sheet of him pops up.

As you can see, the text block on the left is bound to GetText_0.

I was following a youtube tutorial when the guy used a cast to the third person character because the stats were from his player character. In my case, the stats are from a character called MobParent. Since the guy used a “Get player character” for the object, I cannot use the same. The MobParent variable here is a MobParent object reference. I am new to unreal engine and I am unsure of how I’m supposed to write this. I’m pretty sure this is where the problem lies but I am still unsure.
In my game, the stats show as 0, even though is the MobParent character, the variables for health are 10, not 0.
Any help would be appreciated.

Same problem…i’m waiting here with you for somebody to bless us with a solution