Having Trouble getting custom engrams working

As the title says i am having a problem getting my custom engram to show up in the engram section of the game. I used the admin commands to give all engrams and it still doesnt show up. Neither is it in the engram section of the player menu. I have an engram entry blueprint set up and is referencing the correct primal item BP as well. So can anyone help me to get this to work? Am i missing a blueprint? Also how can i set up the item to be craftable in a specific structure (smithy, custom workbench, fabricator, ect, ect)?

(UPDATE) Problem Solved!!!

Still curious though about how to make custom work benches and have engrams assigned to only being crafted in that custom workbench!

If you look at the PrimalItem_WeaponPike blueprint, you will see a default named Crafting Requires Inventory Component and by default requires PrimalInventoryBP_AnvilBench.