Having trouble figuring out how to get a key to move elevator doors apart

Hi Unreal forums

I’ve been following this tutorial (UNREAL ENGINE 4 : Key-Door Basic System Part 2 -door mesh-door blueprint-open door logic - YouTube) and it was going so well until the very last node, where the dude used a rotational lerp to turn the door.
essentially he had created a blueprint of a door in a frame, used blueprints to set up a ‘key’ which when triggered was deleted, and this allowed the door to go into an ‘open’ state, where it would rotate upon collision.
Up until this point, I had been using 2 doors hoping to make them slide apart like an elevator.
My problem is I cannot figure out how to make 2 doors open simultaneously (one going left, one going right) and how to move instead of transform. I’m no good at Blueprints and I’ve tried a few things, but everything I tried I can’t plug into the last lerp node, so I turn to you.

Please help!

Much appreciated!

Id look into basics of Matinees… not major fan but for my Uni project i did a single sliding door when you entered the trigger volume it called the matinee that was attached to the door mesh BP…
and walla door slide closed on you locking you inside the room…

not sure what level your at for knowledge or if you wanted teh answer or more of a direction Let me know anyways how yah get on

Thanks ozcorps I’ve done matinee before last year for uni as well, i’m just so close to finishing this particular way of doing it, it’s a case of 1 or 2 nodes extra and I really want to figure this out because I will not be beaten by a blueprint :wink: But thanks for the suggestion.
All i’m looking for is how to hook up a timeline for 2 doors up to a lerp so this works: 61b609d7cd26e547ab6fb8b39f63a91958475209.jpeg

I made a elevator a few month ago. This is the door logic

You can set the transform or just the location (the node on lower right)

Edit: Result:

hello mars007, can u make a tutorial for create that elevator ? i really need that, it will be nice if u want to do it :))

Sorry, i have no time for tutorials.
But this should be even better:

thank u very much