Having trouble exporting Static Mesh from UE4 with usable textures

When I export a .obj from UE4, it gives me 12MB 0x0 .BMP texture files

The only way to use these files are to open them individually in Photoshop and save them again.

Anyone know of an easier way to export textures from UE4?

Or better yet, how to export a mesh from UE4 as .FBX with textures?

Using Mac 10.9.5 and UE4.7.6

Thanks in advance!

The best way to export a mesh + texture is to just export them separately -> right click on the mesh - export and right click on the texture - export :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was hoping for an easier way. Any way to change the file format it exports? The .bmp file format isn’t working great for me

Is there not a simpler way to do this?
For example, I want to export out a modular building that has been merged into one SM, but it contains multiple material slots, around 6 to be precise. However, if I export out each of those materials’ individual texture maps, one It’ll take quite a while, and 2, I’d have to individually set up materials for the exported FBX inside of MODO wouldn’t I? (not sure on that last one)

Would appreciate any help you can offer, and due to NDA, cannot post any screenshots.

I’m currently running into a similar problem, I want to be able to export a blueprint of a robotic arm in a specific pose that i created using variables in my blueprint.

Currently the pose gets properly exported but the textures/materials are all broken.

Unfortunately you will have to recreate the materials in your destination program if you exported the content from UE4.