Having Trouble Displaying Client to Client Widget Update

Having Trouble Displaying Client to Client Widget Update I have a racing game where at the finish line, a standings widget pops up on all players screens via the GameState.
I have Playerinfo stored in the PlayerControllerBP, and the widget ideally should display and update to all clients with player name and avatars upon overlapping with a triggerbox in the level blueprint.



The widget pops up no problem on all screens due to the multicast no matter who hits the trigger. The problem is that the server gets all the playerinfo updates no problem, and can see its own as well as each Client’s info as they pass the trigger. The Client’s can see their own name fine and pass that along to the server, but they can never see each other’s or the Server’s. I understand this is probably due to the Player Controller having no knowledge of other Clients, but I have tried countless ways and cannot for the life of me figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!