Having Trouble connecting to Epics Server

Hey everyone!

Simply put I can not upgrade my Unreal Engine to the newest build, nor can I access any of my previous projects. The problem that I am having is that when I try launching the Games Launcher, it can not connect to Epics Servers. I have uninstalled / reinstalled three times, went to my firewall and allowed access ( I even turned my firewall off to see if that would help), and I’ve went to the debug log and allowed debugging, and I went to the properties tab and added the three things needed in the target sections (I can’t remember what they are at this moment). I’m in college studying Game Programming and I’ve even went to my professor to see if he knew and I showed him all that I did and he was just as confused as I was! Any help at all will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

i have the same trouble, it connects about 1 in 10 tries.
you can just open a project by double clicking its project file.

That’s strange…

Its been happening to me as well, except all I need to do is re-enter my password and then it works…

~ Jason

I was having this problem last night… But now it’s seems to work fine.

Having same problem. Tried many times, but no luck

I restarted my router, tried a different ISP, but still the same problem. Then I installed the Epic launcher on my laptop and it worked fine, which told me that the problem was not caused by Epic, but by something on my desktop. Did a Winsock reset, but still the same problem. Checked the firewall rules and settings for Bitdefender, but could not see anything that would prevent the launcher from connecting to the internet. I reset all firewall rules anyway. Uninstalled the launcher and reinstalled it, but still same problem. Also lost all my installed engines, downloaded examples, etc. in the process. Would have bee nice if there was some warning that would happen. It was completely unexpected. Then I changed the MSconfig settings and booted into Safe mode with networking enabled. The launcher connected to the internet and worked fine. Then while in Safe mode, I disabled all Bitdefender services, changed the MSconfig settings again and booted into Normal mode and voila, the launcher connected to the internet and works fine. I’m busy downloading the engines, etc. that I lost again and for the moment have to be rely on the build in Windows Defender, but I’m baffled as to the fact that Bitdefender is causing problems with only the launcher and no other programs. It might have something to do with the recent Windows update. Previously when I was using Eset, it also went haywire after a Windows update and caused certain websites to be blocked for no apparent reason