Having Trouble Adding A DMX-Enabled Fixture From My Content Browser

So I am trying to follow the UE5 Dmx Introduction Course and I cannot seem to find Dmx Fixtures Content in my content drawer. The pictured attached is a screenshot from the learning section. I spent all last night trying to add this or import this. I also tried starting a new file with the starter content enabled, but I still could not get to this destination in the folder.

I tried to enter the All/engine/plugins/dmxfixturescontent/lightfixtures into the content browser search drawer, but could not get to the destination that way either.

Does anyone know what I may be missing or how I am supposed to get this folder to appear? Thank you.

Try to enable engine content in the content browser settings.

Yessir that worked! I had to enable engine and plugin content. I was unaware that the content browser had these settings. Thank you!