Having to restart server every 2 days

Have any of you ran into this issue. In UTGame file there’s a line of code that’s like so.

// force an old style load screen if the server has been up for a long time so that TimeSeconds doesn't overflow and break everything
bSeamless = (bUseSeamlessTravel && WorldInfo.TimeSeconds < 172800.0f); // 172800 seconds == 48 hours if it goes over map rotaton stops and it stays on same map 24/7 until server is restarted.

Seems like a bit of a hack to cover-up memory leaks. My whole game is just on one map, so not something that’s affected me.

If you monitor you system resources, do you see any issue with reloading maps over and over?

The maps seem to load fine until the WorldInfo.TimeSeconds goes over that value. Then it just stays on same map and never roatates because the bSeamless goes to false. so I wrote a bit of a hack to check that value and if it is over. We reset it to lower then the value so it changes maps like it should from rotation but then it causes the scoreboard to load very weird ( like sideways ). So I just restart the server before the 48 hours is up, but it gets annoying doing that.

Is there such a thing in udk script. Such as Double or Double long . Does anyone know if we can define with those or is that just in c/c++ ?

Edit: Thought that TimeSeconds was an int but its a float. I edited the above line to floats not ints.

Coldscooter are you saying you don’t use the WorldInfo.TimeSeconds. That var is all over the place thru out code. I cant see how this can not effect everyone using udk. I tried making it a double but no luck. If your not using that anywhere in code then your fine, other wise you will have to restart after 48 hours or that var will go to NAN(INFINITY). You will be restarting your server.