Having Succesful Aim offsets To (Reload)

Okay hi there, So i’m strugging with the issue of aim offsets, because I Wish to have more than just the idle animation mixed with the aim offset. I want to perform and action such as reload, or fire. So I made a fire animation, that makes the gun fire facing straight Forward.
However when i call the animation to fire, the animation, plays, not being multiplied by the aim offset. So if your looking down and decide to fire, it plays the forward fire animation even when your looking down.

Also i noticed that for animations ( like running, or walking), the arms cannot be swinging. Any blendspace used in conjunction with an aim offset you have to use, animations that have the arms, in skeletal mesh pose…(I set mine to a t pose), so now whenever the character run animation, is running with arms outstretched, because that was the skeleton pose… or else everything is distorted. Mine are still slightly distorted, but it will do for now.

-Does anyone have this figured out possibly in their own system?, or tips on how i could get animation montages to play in conjuction with aim offsets like reload, while looking down?
-And does anyone have other tips about aim offsets in general?

Please and thanks guys…
Also here is a picture of my current setup. Notice how the “Slot” for firing forward is after everything. d1154682da98c2145bb3509227c5c18be53f6757.png

Also I figured out that this totally has to do with my original skeleton pose. You see, I made a skeleton base pose in t pose. THen i made run, idle, and walk animations in tpose. THen i created aim offsets, for an Aiming a rifle pose. Then the error of my ways came when i wanted to do an animation, of the character firing the gun. THe problem was this was not in a tpose, or in reference to the base pose. So when it tryed to play it , it went very wonky. So Now i think i know what i need to do. To recreate the skeleton, in an aiming base pose. However this is only good for aim offsets that inolve holding weapons. What if i wanted my character to hold a tool in a completely different pose, or throw an object. Now I’m stuck again. I have no idea how to pass this problem. And i really need some help…

base pose 1.png 40218babad7658ef558793fb6b6603ed7f612ecc.png

sorry guys, I’ve searched and figured it out…Here is the answer if anyone was wondering…Searcg the following forum

“I need to combined three animation aim down sights walk and shoot”