Having some trouble installing Visual Studio

I’m attempting to follow one of the official tutorials (the Twin Stick Shooter one to be exact), but I’ve run into a wall. I can’t seem to install Visual Studio Community 2015 (or 2013).

It downloads and begins to apply but it keeps stopping for whatever reason. It doesn’t error, it doesn’t freeze, the progress bar just stops and it sits on either “2015 shell (minimum)” for the 2015 version or “ASP.NET” when installing the 2013 version.
I’m using the installer with default settings on a 64bit win10 os.

I’ve looked on the Visual Studio website and googled my problem but to no avail.
Is there something special that I’m missing or is this a common issue with a solution?
Any help is appreciated!

Well, I’m not sure that any of us can help you here, as this is not within UE4. I suggest you try a custom installation, and remove any components that you do not plan on using (Windows Phone SDK, etc…).

Mhh fair enough. I submitted a ticket as well and I’m just waiting to see if anyone will get back to me.
Thank you!