Having problems with UMG and understanding anchors

I have a set UMG blueprint with a scrollbox and a menu button. This blueprint houses another UMG blueprint which is added per achievement in the game.

Some reason the scrollbox consumes the entire screen instead of just the set size as shown in the editor. It’s anchor point is top middle.

(How it looks in game. Notice the scroll box goes down past the button. The button overlaps the scrollbox and some items become unreadable.)

(This is how it looks in the editor. Notice the scrollbox is well above the button).

Can really see anything in the screenshot in the editor…
But i’m assuming you have it set to resize automatically, like any good scroll box should, more items = longer scroll box.

It’s not set to resize automatically though, which is what’s confusing. It should gain a scroll bar when elements surpass it’s given size.

Not only is it taking up the entire screen but it’s doing so even when there’s no elements.

I resolved this by placing the scroll box into a vertical container.