having problems with my laptop or wifi

I am having issues with my laptop for a few days now, it cannot connect to my wifi. all other devices in the house do connect. i have tried rebooting everything, deleting things from device manager and network sharing and reinstalling. I have updated all drivers but nothing seems to to work. i get connection on and off and right now i’m using another computer to figure things out. please please help. thank you

Does it not connect to the wifi at all, or is it connected but with the “limited to no access” sign? Are you using an internal wireless adapter, or external? Have you tried using another external if you answered the latter? Have you had any notifications in the past of conflicting IP’s with another computer?

Some laptops have hardware switch for wifi module, ie. real physical switch that turns it off/on.

Have you tried using a different wireless adapter on your laptop and seeing if that resolves it? If your laptop is the only one that can’t connect, you can rule out the router. But either your internal or external adapter may be the issue.

You are not alone ^^ Google

I think your post above is conflicting each other. First you say you cannot connect to wifi… and lastly you say you get connection on and off. Because if you cannot make connection at all and all others do, then you need find your notebook hardware switch which turn on/off wifi. If you get the connection on and off (unstable), then it is different thing. I have personally faced the former problem for a few days until I found the solution…lol.

And also you didn’t state how it was before - which I think it was okay until you faced the problem. If it was just fine until a few days ago where you cannot connect at all, most likely it is hardware switch.