Having problems with item stacking

I’ve made a simple mod that automatically creates flint from stone. It first makes dummy flint that spoils into the coregame flint. Everything works besides when I added it to the server it bugs out and spoils into stacks of 1, the problem seems to be the stacking mod that the server is also running. Is there anyway to force the item to stack or make the container make it stack? If not is there anyway to make a “New” resource that can be used in every engram that is also recognize as flint by the game?

same problem happens with my mod, simply because no stacking mod is truely clean… they all break the game in this way that ive seen.

Yeah sadly that seems to be the case. I am however wondering if someone more experienced know how some of the existing mods works together with the stackmod. More specifically the Industrial Grinder which use my exact logic but still stacks properly. Have this author made a “new” resource or how have he managed to work around it? And if that is the case could someone shed some light on how to do that.

It is possible to make a new resource that is like flint. You could sub class the flint (make a child) and remap items. That would definitely cause stacking issues with other mods but it might be worth taking a look.

I found a solution to this issue, will be testing it when I get home and let you know if it works properly with server load and stacking mods.

Did it work? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you download my mod you can tell me haha, the update is on the workshop but I haven’t been home to try it on a dedicated server. It works on single player perfectly with the are heaven stacking mod.

What complexminded mentioned was correct. If you want modded resources to properly work with items/mods you need to create a child of that resource, then recreate that resource to how you see fit. Once the primalitem is complete then you remap it in your gamedata. Some modded items require “EXACT RESOURCE” to craft an item, so you may run into issues depending on how your downloaded mods work. Also note multiple stacking mods won’t work with eachother, whichever mod is first in your server’s load priority will dictate which primalgamedata to go off of.

The 100% easiest way from how im reading this is exactly what I just did with my mod. If you are “crafting” a new resource out of [x resource required] then the best way is simply search for "craft dont actually give item’ and make sure that is checked, then find “crafting additional items to give” and add the resource you want to crafted, this lets you bypass the spoiling by automatically giving the item that you had the resource spoiling into without ever having to give the dummy placeholder.

I’ve tested this live for a few days now and can say that the items stack exactly as the vanilla game items do because that is exactly what this method gives you, vanilla game resources. (if that’s what you link in the second part) I’ve never been a fan oh remapping because I know I’m bound to break something, but this method doesn’t alter anything but the new primal item you made allowing it to be 100% stackable with anything.