Having problem with weapon system

Greetings. Recently I found a tutorial for making a weapon system and for me it seemed exactly what I needed. However, I’m having problems with porting the guy’s weapons to my own project. I’ve copied everything with altering important things but still it doesn’t work the way it should. I can’t post any screenshots because there’re already a lot of Blueprints so I’ll just upload the whole project. Could someone help me with fixing it? Thanks in advance!

What part doesn’t work? Where are you having the issues? I downloaded the project you linked and there seems to be a lot of incomplete blueprints and missing information.

The weapon switching itself doesn’t work. I can pickup weapons fine but not draw and holster them.

That is because the blueprints are not complete. The input nodes are not connected to anything except a branch with nothing on the true or false outputs. I am going to follow the tutorial you linked and see what results I get.