Having problem with blueprint communication

Hi, I’m having some problems with blueprint communication.
What I’m trying to do is basically making a fuel blueprint for the player (how much fuel does the player have) and a cone which is supposed to be a jerrycan that suppose to add fuel to the player.
BTW I’m kinda new to blueprints (i guess you already know that)

here’s what i tried to do:


The Variables in black are the variables from the player_fuel blueprint.

In the player blueprint for verifying it works good, i did that every second it will do a pring string with the value of the fuel, but it doesn’t change (when i pick it up it suppose to add 25 to the fuel value)

and for some reason I’m getting an error “Accessed None ‘Player_Fuel’ from node Construction Script in blueprint Jerrycan”

This sounds a lot like you only have the variable but not an actor.

You should also be aware that each blueprint which you create is an actor in itself which you have to set or get.

If you only want a stat for the player, why not make it a variable within your PlayerCharacter?

In the forums they told me to do that, then I changed it to this which still doesn’t work.

by the way it says in the jerrycan blueprint that it failed to find variable property (when looking at the default value)

Which Variable?

My Character?

In that case it most likely is only the variable and not the object “My Character”

You can get the object via “Get Player Character” and leave the number at 0 (for singleplayer games).